how to make ghee

How To Make Ghee

Ghee has been used in India for thousands of years. It is a digestive, helps to improve absorption and assimilation. Great for improving memory, and lubricating the connective tissues. It increases ones immunity and vital energy (Ojas).

It pacifies Vata, Pitta and is acceptable in small amounts for Kapha.

How to make ghee recipe

1 pound unsalted butter (preferably organic)

  • Put butter in a heavy pot and turn heat on medium until butter melts.
  • Turn down the heat until the butter just boils, do not cover the pot.
  • The butter will foam, sputter and get clouded for a while and then begin to quiet down.
  • Stir occasionally.
  • After around 12 minutes it will turn into a golden, clear color. Whitish curds will be formed on the bottom of the pot. Keep stirring, and when these whitish curds turn into a light tan color, the ghee is ready.
  • Take it immediately off the heat to avoid burning.
  • Let it cool down till it is just warm. Pour the ghee through a fine sieve into a glass jar with a tight lid.
  • Discard the curds at the bottom of the pan.

After you become more familiar with making ghee you can use 2-3 pounds of butter at a time.

Ghee is best stored at room temperature and is said to get better with age, such as fine wine. The key however, is to always use a clean spoon when taking Ghee from the jar.

Caution:  If you have already high cholesterol or suffer from obesity, you should be cautious in using ghee.